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  • Antarès Tome 2
  • Léo
  • Nb. de pages: 48
  • Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2
  • ISBN: 9781849181204
  • Editeur: 9th Cinebook
  • Date de parution: 2012

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The three current cycles of "The Worlds of Aldebaran" undoubtedly make up one of the most captivating science-fiction series of recent years. The author tells of humanity's first attempts to colonise distant planets. Kim, who faces many an adventure and challenge, begins her trek on the Aldebaran planet. Along the way to Betelgeuse and Antares, she'll come across strange creatures, confront dangers from unknown worlds and witness the damages caused by mankind's insanity.
With Aldebaran, Betelgeuse and now Antares it's a fantastic, humanist epic that author Leo created for us.

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